Heading for Northern California and Southern Oregon

Rev. John Calhoun was my pastor in New York City at The Lamb's Church of the Nazarene, and I continue to attend a Nazarene church north of the city, where my wife and I serve on the pastoral team, thanks to her ordination (though I do have 1/3 of an MDiv; I switched from pulpit to stage and got my MA in theatre).

Scripture and church history are filled with art and story, and over the years I've seen those stories inspire, bring hope, salvations and re-dedications when told dramatically. And they're memorable. My wife just got her MA in counseling, and she learned that memory is linked to emotions. I recently had someone tell me they remembered something I'd performed years and years ago.

All that from something that's fun and so easy to invite a friend to attend!

I'll be coaching some architects for a presentation (Acting 101) in San Francisco on April 22, so I'll be available for performances in churches, schools, theatres, prisons, etc, from April 23 to May 4. I'm open to bookings in San Francisco, Sacramento and anywhere in between those cities and Medford, OR, where I'll need to be on May 5 for a booking.

I perform nine different one-man plays with themes from Scripture or church history. On this trip the plays I can offer are:

Big Fish Little Worm (RichDrama.com/BigFishLittleWorm), which tells the stories of Jonah, Gideon, Jeremiah and Lazarus, with my own story of having grown up on a farm near Medford, OR, and having performed now in 19 nations...


Beyond the Chariots (RichDrama.com/BeyondtheChariots), which takes off from where the four-time Academy Award winning film Chariots Of Fire leaves off, telling how Eric Liddell left Olympic glory behind to serve as a missionary, teacher and track coach in war-torn China. The play was performed in Vancouver during the Winter Olympics, Beijing during the last Summer Olympics, and it will be featured in the Olympic Village this August during the inaugural Youth Olympics in Singapore.


A workshop (RichDrama.com/Workshops). For the past five summers I've directed the theatre program at the MasterWorks Festival, where I've taught alongside Broadway and Hollywood professionals (RichDrama.com/MWF). This summer I'll be co-directing The Miracle Worker with John Kirby, who has been the acting coach for Narnia: The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, The Word of Promise Audio Bible, and on most of Jim Caviezel's films. I would love to offer an acting workshop in conjunction with a play or on its own.

For more about the work I've been doing in the performing arts full-time since Rev. John Calhoun empowered me to do so in 1995 visit RichDrama.com.

To set something up this spring contact Associates & Savidge (Savidge.com/contact.htm)

I hope to partner with you in ministry soon.

in Christ alone,

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