Pray for cultural influencers

I receive daily prayer updates for the top 365 cultural influencers on the corporate and artistic sides of media. It's put out by MasterMedia (, and their president, Larry Poland will be one of our master class instructors at MasterWorks ( this summer.
Today's entries made me want to share this resource here...
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February 5, 2010

Thank you for taking time to pray for today's people on the Media Leader Prayer Calendar.
Media Leader: Michael Bostick
(Corporate) CEO Walden Media & Bristol Bay, Chronicles of Narnia, Amazing Grace
Cultural Influencer: Sandra Bullock

If you would like to get more information about today's media leader
or cultural influencer, so that you can pray more effectively, you may want to visit: - do a name search for articles, news, and photos. - for biographical information, photos and credits.

Do you know someone who would be interested in joining us in praying for media? Feel free to forward this email to them and encourage them to log into the Mastermedia website at and sign up to receive the Media Leader Prayer Calendar daily reminders.

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