Loved the Love Feast

At our church's Love Feast this morning our pastoral team and board served the rest of the congregation. I sensed the Lord's love flowing through us in such a palpable way! We had a visiting band so our weekly musicians could be served, and one of the first songs the visiting band sang was He Loves Us. As we sang, I sensed the Lord's great Love for us all, and I was on the verge of tears the whole rest of the morning.

Later, I helped serve communion in the role of Jesus. While I was handing out the homemade matzo I sensed very clearly that the Lord wanted me to hug a recent widow, to show her He was thinking of her on this first Valentine's Day without her husband. I followed the impulse, and later I told her about it. She said, "I prayed for that," and we both burst into tears.

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