Korean translations

A couple of years ago I was flying from Chicago to NYC and struck up a conversation with the people sitting next to me. I told them I'd be performing Beyond the Chariots in China during the Beijing Olympics, and I mentioned that it was my dream to have the play translated into many languages since people come from all over the world for the Olympics. The gentleman on the aisle said, "I think our church would translate it into Korean." They did! And there were Koreans who were able to undertand the play during those performances during the '08 Olympics.

I told the gentleman, Moon, that I couldn't possibly pay them for their time, but I would be glad to offer a performance of the play at their church. I was able to share the fruit of their labors on Sunday in Chicago!

After the play we went out for some amazing Korean BBQ. Yum! After dinner I was given the shirt I'm displaying in the photo with Mrs. Cho, one of the three translators. The other two were her husband, Rev. Cho, and Moon.

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