Performing in Southern Oregon

I forget how excited I get to land at the Medford Airport. It's really one of the most beautiful landings in the world, but the most exciting thing is visiting family and all the fond memories of growing up around here.

At the airport I ran into one of my high school teachers, and then at dinner I ran into the parents of a friend in New York! They've moved here.

I'll be performing twice this week in Phoenix and Talent:

The Wednesday night performance was established because of another Divine Appointment: The pastor of the host church just happened to be lunching with the lead elder of the Beijing International Christian Fellowship in Angelo's Pizzeria at the same time I was having lunch there for the first time in years. I often had lunches there when I was in high school. He had hosted my performance at his church during the 2008 Olympics! The local pastor and I thought we should definitely follow that kind of a lead. You can read more about that encounter here: What Are the Chances?

If I told you about these performances in the past, be sure to notice that the performance time on Sunday, 1/24, has been changed to 7pm to accommodate a missionary from Austria. And the address of the first venue has changed. Well, the church hasn't moved, I just sent people to the pastors house earlier!

Here are the (real) details:

January 24, 7pm
Big Fish Little Worm (
Talent Bible Chapel
303 E Main Street
Talent, Oregon

January 27, 7pm
Big Fish Little Worm (
Central Neighborhood Church
4777 S. Pacific Highway
Phoenix, OR

At both performances I'll be talking about upcoming dramatic adventures in Vancouver during the Olympics ( and Cape Town, South Africa, during the Lausanne Congress (

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