Smoky Mountains and Twelve Tribes

This terrain was covered with snow when we landed on Monday, but there was smoke on the mountains (Psalm 104:32) as we met with the Lord and saught his vision for Lausanne (

Our host for dinner shared how he and his wife have long had a heart for Haiti. They discovered 40 groups with a similar heart in the Knoxville area, and they had, long ago, prepared a team to visit Haiti. They left for the airport earlier than we did this morning with plans adjusted from what they were months ago. They're connected to a couple dozen churches there, and they reported that a care facility run by one of those churches is overrun with over 1500 people fleeing Port-au-Prince in fear of more aftershocks.

In the evening I performed part of Big Fish Little Worm ( and Hyatt Moore shared his amazing art, his story and his heart. He's best known for The Last Supper for Twelve Tribes ( He told us that he didn't know what color to paint Jesus, so each time he finished one of the disciples, representing a different people group, he used some of that color on Jesus. So in the end, Jesus has some color from each of the different people groups.

Hyatt went from art director for a surf magazine to short term missionary to head of Wycliffe Bible Translators. Then one day he was stopped at a light and saw a painting. He thought to himself, "I can do that." Now it's his full-time profession.

Here's a video on how Hyatt created The Last Supper for Twelve Tribes:

If you want to be a part of that feast at the end of time, read on:

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