Enacted prayer for Haiti

We had a great planning session today in the Smoky Mountains for Lausanne in Cape Town this October. Thank you to those who were lifting us up.

In the arts group we focused on the breakout sessions that are going to be taking place in the afternoons in Cape Town. There are three areas, which will hold from 500 to 1500 each. There will be 21 different breakout sessions people will be able to choose throughout the week. They are all asked to incorporate the arts in some way. We're all feeling a bit overwhelmed.

At dinner we were devastated by news of the earthquake in Haiti. After performing an excerpt from Beyond the Chariots and explaining bibliodrama I led an enacted prayer for the effected Haitians. A woman from South Africa played an injured Haitian, and a man from Egypt played a Christian rescue worker. At a certain point he requested help from the audience, and a gentleman from LA stepped in to help. In the end, the Haitian was brought back to health and God enveloped her and the rescue workers in a hug.

Lift us up for Wednesday's session as we'll discuss incorporating arts in the daytime plenary sessions.

Over dinner, I sat with a gentleman who was a part of the first Congress (this will be the third). He said before it took place in 1974 Evangelicals weren't involved in social action, and there was little unity among Christian organizations. He's seen that change directly happen through Lausanne as it forced leaders of denominations and organizations to work together to achieve unity for the Congress. It's exciting to see that happen now, in preparation for Cape Town.

Several of us (including myself) are struggling with sore throats. The point person for the Opening and Closing sessions (which are going to be amazing), has laryngitis. The fellow running the evening plenary sessions (which are going to be amazing in a different way as they will express stories and issues from various world areas) is getting over shingles. We're a part of such significant work, we're not surprised to have opposition. We appreciate you holding up our arms from afar.

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actoutlove said...

Elderberry extract plus zinc will stop that sore throat before it turns into something worse!