Compassion in Haiti

I represent Compassion when I perform, and they just sent me the following update on their work in Haiti in the wake of the earthquake...

Begin forwarded message:

Here's the latest info for you from Compassion's Crisis Management Team, who are doing a GREAT job keeping us connected to what's going on. Keep praying for clarity, wisdom and discernment as God uses them and our field staff to make critical decisions during this time.

So far, here is what's going on:

From the Field
  • Still only limited communication from the field.
  • Dan Woolley: Still in a hospital in Miami being treated for "non life threatening injuries." We expect Dan and Christy to be home this week.
  • David Hames: David is still missing. Compassion continues to communicate with the teams working at the hotel and with officials and hospitals in Haiti and DR.

Compassion Haiti Staff
  • ALL CI Haiti staff members in the PaP area are alive and accounted for! Praises!
  • Staff is working out of the Compassion office parking lot
  • They are awaiting EMI to assess building damage

Compassion ICPs
  • As many as 50 projects may have been seriously impacted
  • Estimated 15,000+ Compassion children directly impacted by quake
  • Contact made with 22 projects
  • No specific information on individual children
  • More projects were visited yesterday and we should have info soon

The Disaster Response Team will take the lead on compiling information coming in from the field on needs and on specific projects or children, communicating that to sponsors and donors and getting those needs met.

Price Points

$25 – helps provide clean water to a family for a week
$50 – helps feed a family with food such as rice, beans, canned meat and oil for a week
$100 – helps provide basic medical supplies for a church partner to treat up to 50 patients
$500 – helps provide critical life items like temporary shelter, blankets and clothing for 10 families
$1500 - helps to rebuild a home

You can sponsor a child or give through Compassion at

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