This morning we had breakfast with John Kasica.  He and his wife have roomed with us several years at MasterWorks. He was in town to play percussion at Carnegie Hall with the St. Louis Symphony. They were a part of the Asian series on offer at the moment. He played a piece in which he and two other percussionists "played" with water. They were drumming above, below and on the surface of the water, so the first three rows were not sold, so as not to splash patrons. The instruments of the orchestra were protected by plexiglass. John was soaked.

As were we while "having church" in a local cafe and while worshiping, sharing and praying back at his hotel room.

He's starting a church this coming Sunday in St. Louis. It started out as an artists fellowship, and now they're inviting non-artists to receive and share their own giftings.

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