The Lamb's Church

The Lamb's Church/Theatre/Center for the Homeless is where I lived the first four years that I was in New York, and I performed there for the church, theatre patrons, and the homeless, whom I served meals at least once a week. 

One of my favorite performances was when I put on A Clear Leading for the homeless clients. When I was portraying the racist characters they would boo, and when I switched to abolitionist John Woolman they would cheer! Exhilarating: especially since I knew them well enough to trust that they wouldn't beat me up while I was a character praising slavery!

Am I ever grateful for this place! May the Church of the Nazarene continue to help bodies and souls around the globe! I think we're in about 135 nations right now, and many of those that serve the needy are led by people who interned here.

When I first arrived in 1993 I kept a journal that preceded this blog entitled "Farm Boy on Times Square." You can read the first two entries here.

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