Early flight

I'm heading out to JFK, then to Minneapolis, then to Portland, OR, then to Redmond, OR, then a drive to Metolius, OR: about 14 hours door to door. Hoping for stamina for tomorrow's performance of Big Fish Little Worm (www.RichDrama.com/BigFishLittleWorm).

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Jana Tan said...

Dear Rich,

My name is Jana. I am a student at Fox and had the privilege of seeing you perform in chapel and your "A Clear Leading" act. They were both amazing.

I just wanted to say thanks for how candid you were in the chapel session. Possibly my most favorite was when you said, "In the beginning, work was good!" That was cool...totally counter cultural but very cool.

May God continue to bless your ministry. May you see His hand and glory working through you.

In Him and Much Luv,