Leaf Peeping on the Hudson

I'm checking out the fall foliage this afternoon with Mac Nelson, who was a master class instructor last year at MasterWorks.

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Fritz Photo

My friend Fritz Liedtke (FritzPhoto.com just flew out from Portland to photograph a wedding. He asked me if I knew anyone out here that he could hire as a backup photog. I told him I'd love to do, so away we go!

He just published an article in Rangefinder Magazine/Wedding and Portrait Professionals International, which is making me feel the pressure: A Wedding Photographer Must Be Everything A brief defense of the modern wedding photographer’s multifarious talents.

It reminded me of the professional life of someone who performs one-man plays!

Outdoing the leaves

Leaf peepers in MD

The climbing stump

The youth of the church where I'll be performing Beyond the Chariots (www.RichDrama.com) tonight were dismayed to discover that their climbing tree (and some of their parents' climbing tree) had to be taken down because it was dying of disease. It will live on in woodwork.

Tonight's performance will be at 7:30pm: www.WoodsChurch.org.

Afterschool Alliance, Lights on Afterschool

Tonight the Empire State Building is lit all in yellow to commemorate the Afterschool Alliance, Lights on Afterschool. It's quite cool to have been a part of something celebrated by the ESB!

Graceworks with Kids

One of the things I do when I'm not performing or writing is coaching architects on their presentation skills through Graceworks (www.GraceworksInc.com). We're about to share some of our concepts with kids at Abundant Waters (www.AbundantWatersKids.org). It's an after-school program which is hosting America After 3PM, a group that raises funds for after-school programs. They're sharing facts from a study they've sponsored. They found that there are 15.1 million kids with no place to go after school in the US. Abundant Waters is giving kids something fun and helping them to grow. One of their students gave one of the best speeches of the program, and she said Abundant Waters is her favorite part of the day.

It's great to plug into what they're doing.