Praying against racism

Kathy Lee Gifford's brother, Rev. David Epstein, led us in a prayer against racism, including a prayer for President Obama and his family. Rev. Epstein cited John 4 and the Woman at the Well, which was the scripture in our youth Bible study this morning!

During the main service, I slipped away to read to our nursery from some cartoons I picked up in Australia called The Agents of T.R.U.T.H. (The Real United Transformation Heroes). I just had the idea this morning, but when I walked in they were gluing macaroni to signs saying, "Jesus is Truth!" After I was done I led them in prayer. After I said, "Amen," a three year old said she wanted to pray, so she led us in The Lord's Prayer. At the same time our worship leader started leading the adults in singing The Lord's Prayer. I told that to her, and later she told her grandpa (who's one of our drummers), "Papi, the Holy Spirit connected us!"

We were pleased, but not surprised when we sang The Lord's Prayer on Times Square as well.

The Holy Spirit was connecting us all day long.

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