A baker's dozen at Prayer on the Square

We thought it quite significant that we brought twelve from our church (Westchester Chapel) to Prayer on the Square.

Here's Joyce's report:
We at WCCC ended up with twelve people -- the Disciples' Dozen -- which seemed entirely from the Lord. There was a mix of praise and prayers of repentence -- for the church and the various sectors of our society. Bloomberg spoke and we ended in small circles of prayer for each other on the streets.

We felt hand-picked to bring prayers only we could bring to join with 60,000 others.

If you counted us up, you noticed there are 13 of us. That's because Mike, on the far right, who attended our church before moving to Manhattan to study, noticed us from atop the bleachers reserved for pastors. He's leading a Bible study at Coopers Union, so organizing that group got him a place to sit.

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