Steve Ditmer, one of the faculty here at TAM, read how Peter denied Christ, and then the rooster crowed, and his mask came off. He read how Jesus told Judas to go and do what he planned, and his mask came off.

Then he pulled up images of an article which reported how a drug ring was taken down near Albany 30 years ago. Then he blew up one of the paragraphs to show that he, at 22, was one of those arrested. His mask came off and everyone at his corps (Salvation Army's term for church) knew that he was only putting on a show on Sundays. In handcuffs he prayed, "God, if this is all I can do with my life, I want You to take it. Now he's a respected officer (Salvation Army's term for pastor), based at their Territorial Headquarters.

I'm praying his example will ignite a Fire in the students at tonight's improvised worship and enacted prayer.

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