Major Kevin Stoops preached on Jesus' last word on the cross, "Tetelestai," whis is translated, "It is finished."

It's what merchants would stamp on a receipt if something had been paid in full.

Kevin pointed out that, in Jesus' time, a carpenter's last step of preparation was to wipe the sawdust off. Then, he would fold up his cloth and rest it on the work of his hand to show that it was finished, and the one who had commissioned it could pick it up.

When the disciples ran to Jesus' tomb, all they found was the grave clothes neatly folded and lying where his head had been.

Through his word and action Jesus was saying, it was finished.

He accomplished what He came to do: to make a way for sinful people to be acceptable to a Holy God

So, though we wear our masks, and hide our worst from others. Our the Lord sees the good, the bad and the ugly, and He loves us just the same, because, for those who have received this amazing gift, He paid it all. Telestai.

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