Rev. A.R. Bernard-saved out of Islam

Voted the most influential clergyman in NYC, Rev. A.R. Bernard is receiving his masters from Nyack College alongside my bride today. Rev. Bernard also received an honorary doctorate and is the commencement speaker.

He told a joke about the girl whose science teacher wanted to demean Christianity, so she made a point of saying that it is biologically impossible for a whale to eat a man. (By the way, there are fish capable of the feat). The little girl waited until class was over and asked the teacher, "If it's impossible for a whale to eat a man, what about Jonah?" The teacher said that the story was false. The girl said, "Well, when I get to heaven I'm going to ask him." The teacher mockingly asked, "What if he went to hell." The little girl thought about it and said, "Then you can ask him." Rev. Bernards said, "Thank God for strong Christian students."

He was saved out of the Nation of Islam. He asked God, "Do I need to be whimpy as a Christian?" God said, "No, I'm just going to sanctify your passion."

What is Christ's relationship to culture, and ergo what is the Christian's relationship? While we debate, millions of babies are being aborted (Rev. Bernard's mother decided not to go that route), and marriage is falling apart. But Jesus said, "Love the Lord your God, and your neighbor as yourself." That became our mandate in the world. The pattern is simmple: God sent his Word to heal a broken world. He challenged the graduates that Christ in them is the transformer of culture. He closed with, "Be Salt, be Light, be Christ in culture."

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