A real miracle!

I drafted this in early February, but it got lost in the shuffle of many to-dos. The news of Natasha Richardson's death prompted me to post it now, since it makes the miraculous nature of this story all the more clear...

We just had a great department head meeting for this summer's MasterWorks Festival. A lot of great things came from it, but the highlight for me was when Michael Wilder (left) pointed out that we should have buried Walter Ringleb (right).

Walt had a severe aneurysm about a month ago. When it happened, he wanted to go to sleep. In fact his eyes closed, and he dialed 911 by touch. Had he fallen asleep he would have been dead before his wife, Bonnie, got home from her work as a flight attendant in another state.

Once Bonnie reached the hospital someone came out and told her that if she was a praying person, she'd better start. His chances of survival were less than 45%.

Walt was so sure he would die that he told Bonnie everything she'd need to take care of when he was gone.

He was put into an induced coma for three days. During that time he had a vision in which he saw people through a double mirror. Then the mirror spun around and he saw himself. The revelation came to him that he had nothing whatsoever to recommend him to God but what Christ had done for him.

When he came out of the coma the doctor did a number of motor skill tests, which he passed perfectly. Bonnie got the sense that they were concerned about brain damage, so she asked Walt if he knew her. He said no, but when he realized she wasn't joking and was actually quite disturbed he told her, "Of course I know you. We've been married 28 years."

The doctor said that there was nothing to account for his complete and instant post-coma recovery but Divine intervention.

The other night, as I hung out with Walt and Bonnie, he was laughing and joking and using every bit of his body and mind. There was no sign that anything was different but the tiny little scar on his shaved head.

Thank You, Lord!

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