Devoted to God

Joyce and I just enjoyed the film Bella. It deserved all the awards it won. It's quite life affirming on many levels.

The back-story on the DVD of how they used creative methods to get an audience is quite inspirational, especially since they stayed in theatres and amazing four months.

I always thought of Bella as being an Italian name, but our sleuthing uncovered the fact that it is also given by Spanish speaking parents, as in this film. It's a diminutive of Isabel, which means Devoted to God.


Anonymous said...

Cool! I will look for the DVD. I love the meanings of names and was interested in this version. (My grandmother and cousin's names are Isabel.) Another translation I learned was that Isabel is the Spanish of Elizabeth or the Hebrew Elisheva, which means God's abundance. Correct me if I'm wrong?

Anonymous said...

Bella can also, of course, mean 'beautiful.' And that works in the context of the movie too. I love that each of these interpretations adds different layers to the film.

Beth and I enjoyed this movie and I may show it sometime at our church movie night.