I teleported & time-traveled in 1 day

Yesterday was the launch of a new youth study at our church: http://WestchesterChapel.org

I was asked to teach on the first chapter of John. I remembered that our friends in Paris start with that chapter when they meet people interested in knowing more about life with Christ. So I set up a video conference. When the youth arrived I said, "Welcome to Paris." On cue, my friends on the monitor said, "Bon jour!" They touched on a lot of great things, but most powerful to me was when they said that many Parisians could care less that Jesus is God, but that He's the Light of the World and can illuminate all the dark places in their lives: That intrigues citizens of The City of Lights.

That afternoon we drove to Florida... NY, where we interviewed a gentleman who narrowly escaped death on 9/11. We stepped back in time seven and a half years to relive the day that he and his guys escaped the death which came to almost 150 of New York's finest in the next room when the South Tower buried them.

We're weaving his story into a play our church will produce in the near future called The Interview.

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