Happy Epiphany

We were delighted to discover that our new apartment honors the Lord's birth through the Three Kings Celebration party, complete with a live band and a great meal! One more reason to praise the Lord for our miraculous home.

We're celebrating many ways that God was at work in our lives in '08. We had about 200 performances, coachings, speaking engagements or workshops in 14 states and four nations (plus a visit to a fifth nation). Thank you so much for your support throughout the year! You can read highlights in our Christmas letter.

Please continue to lift us up as we go into 2009.

Joyce is serving as interim lead pastor while our head pastor, Jim Warren, is taking his first sabbatical after founding our church (WestchesterChapel.org) 20 years ago. She preached her first sermon in this new post last Sunday, and you can hear it online: WestchesterChapel.org/Media/S010409.html. One of her illustrations tells of the miraculously successful operation her sister had to remove a brain tumor.

Rich has performances and other engagements lined up in eight states already. Plans are shaping up for performances in Asia, Australia, the UK and Africa. He's also working on a couple of writing projects.

Applications are now being received for the 2009 MasterWorks Festival, for which Rich is directing the theatre program. He'll be co-directing Thornton Wilder's Our Town with John Kirby, who is considered one of the best acting coaches in Hollywood after working on shows such as The Count of Monte Cristo, Deja Vu and The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.

Bev Holloway, casting director for about 30 films, including Bobby Jones, Stroke of Genius and The Ultimate Gift, will return as a master class instructor along with several other quality professionals: MasterWorksFestival.org.

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