Wheels for the World

At lunch today in Medford, OR, I ran into Brent Olstad and his son Abel. His other son was in a wheel chair with "Wheels for the World" on the side. I mentioned to him that our friend, Teresa Smith has gone to Peru, Cuba & Poland with Wheels for the World, helping fit the poor with donated wheelchairs. Brent remembered Teresa from one of his six WftW trips to Poland!
For more info on this fabulous ministry visit JoniandFriends.org.

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Rich Swingle said...

Mom doesn't remember reading Joni's story to us, but she did read The Cross and the Switchblade and The Hiding Place. We're pretty sure it was the film, Joni, that got my attention as a lad. Billy Graham's Worldwide Pictures distributed it when I was ten years old. If you have a ten-year-old be sure they're taking in books and films that nurture their faith. Click here for my recommendations.