Sanborns' double feature

The latest newsletter by Christians in Theatre Arts ( has a link to an article on my friend Retta Blaney's blog: A Walking Miracle.

It tells the miraculous story of how Art Sanborn was healed (and continues to discover new levels of healing) from a paralysis at the level of Christopher Reeves. He's now jogging I think four miles every day!

I performed in Judah Ben Hur, which the Sanborns produced in Singapore. I was told that Art was paralyzed to the same degree as Christopher Reeve but that I wouldn't notice. I was blown away to meet him and discover that they were right!

I experienced another miraculous story in my friend Mac Nelson, whose story is written up in Waiting for My Fingers. Mac, who has performed with Liz Taylor, Jerry Lewis and the like, was losing use of his arms through a disease called stenosis. His doctors were shocked to find his recovery well beyond what they expected.

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