Inside Out (Everlasting)

I was singing this all last week, so when it came up again this Sunday I just had to download it. Enjoy.

The track that isn't listed as "Album Version" was recorded live, so you can hear thousands singing along.

Mary remembers Jesus in his youth

I was at The Cloisters today, an extension of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. This centuries-old sculpture broke the heart of this child-less man as it brought me to contemplate a mother's grief.

A prayer for our journey

As we pulled away from the pier for Corregidor there was a prayer for our trip on the video monitor. My friend, Chris, said, "You mean they don't do that in New York on the way to Ellis Island?"

Tonight's menu

Tonite's Menu for our Asian presentation:
Scallion Pancakes
Sesame Chicken w/ Broccoli
Kung Pao Shrimp
Vegetable & Egg Fried Rice
Beef Lo Mein

Thanks Ava!

Visited by Dale

My agent, Dale Savidge, stayed with us while he was here to view a play partially funded by Creative Gift Foundation. He's on the board and came to check it out.

Telling the story of our Asia tour

From Beijing '08

This Thursday night, September 18, we'll be sharing out our trip to Asia surrounding the Beijing Olympics. Here are the stats:

22,400 miles
5 nations
4 language translations
36 days
40 audiences
1 hour to tell all about it

Thursday, September 18
6:30 free Chinese food
7ish slide show begins
214 Central Ave
White Plains, NY
Directions from NYC:

First trip to Hong Kong

Here are shots from our pre-Beijing visit to Hong Kong.

To see thumbnails click here.

Hong Kong

Here are shots from the second and third Hong Kong legs of the journey.

The lotus

From Beijing '08

The lotus is a symbol of purity in the midst of an unclean world.

Chung Gwo Jiao!

From Beijing '08

This is on the Olympic plaza, quite near the Birds Nest Stadium and the Aquatic centre.  My flag says "Chung Gwo Jiao!" It translates literally to "China, refuel!" but is used like, "Go China!"  The stadium shook with "Chung Gwo Jiao!" when one of their athletes was competing.  The shirt says, "Wao aye Chung Gwo" or I love China.  The shirts were produced after the Sichuan earthquakes to raise awareness and support for the recovery process.

Priceless service

We were surprised that the clerk who checked us into our hotel in Manila was still there to check us out. She said they work 12 hour shifts for 250 pesos. That works out to about US$0.46 an hour. She said it's better than being unemployed.

Purpose driven police

This church, Christ Commission Fellowship, is gathering for its annual anniversay celebration. They started 24 years ago in a living room. They usually meet around Manila in smaller fellowships. None of the pastors take a salary, so that they don't attract ministers for the wrong reason.

The Chief of Police here, Gen. Avelino Razon, gave his life to the Lord, and he's now requiring that every police officer in the city goes through The Forty Days of Purpose, based on Rick Warren's Purpose Driven Life.

He pointed out that, though this is the only Catholic nation in Asia, corruption and immorality are rampant because the focus has been on the forgiveness of God. He challenged the thousands to consider that He is also a God of justice.

Another member helped establish Christmas as a national holiday in Nepal!

The pastor pointed out that every two seconds someone in the world dies. He urged us to do all we can to help them know how to live beyond the grave.

He quoted Abraham Lincoln during the Civil War. Someone told him he was praying God would be on Lincoln's side. Lincoln said God is always on the side of the right. We need to pray that we're on God's side.