En route to Asia

I'm starting this note on the bus to Newark Airport where I'll take off for four to seven nations over the next 36 days.

MasterWorks was tremendous! You can see reports from our amazing month at http://RichDrama.com/NewsBlog (Archives for June and July).

The short time in between has been a blur as I've been catching up from a month away, settling into our miraculous new abode (http://RichDrama.com/MP) prepping for this trip and working on an important writing assignment.

So here we go!

We're bringing the story of Eric Liddell, the first person born in China to win an Olympic gold medal, to the people of Asia before, during and after the Beijing Olympics.

Most of the itinerary is at http://RichDrama.com/Itinerary, and the three unknown nations are Taiwan, Japan and Singapore. We're still waiting to hear back.

Among the highlights are seeing the documentary that I helped write and for which I set up a number of interviews. We're still hoping for more funding to come in before we begin filming the dramatizations in which I'll play Eric Liddell. Find out more at http://RichDrama.com/Olympics. Then I'll perform the play between the closing ceremony of a sports camp and before the opening ceremonies of the Olympics at 08/08/08, 8:08:08. The next night Jim Hudson Taylor will tell of his remembrances of Eric Liddell when they were interned together during World War II.

Some of our performances are in nations where it's unrealistic for venues to even cover expenses, so if you'd like to help us invest in the people of Asia with a tax-deductible gift visit http://RichDrama.com/Olympics.

I'm finishing this note while I wait for my flight which has been delayed four hours. That puts me into the Hong Kong Airport after 11:00pm. I wasn't expecting that when I agreed to speak and perform at a luncheon the next day at noon (midnight my time) and again that night at 6pm (6am my time). We're Hoping for Stamina! The good news is that they just gave me my seat assignment. They were oversold, so knowing I actually have a seat is a relief!

Thanks so much for Hoping with us!
Rich & Joyce Swingle

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