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I just received the following note from the producers of Judah Ben Hur.  I played about five minor roles in the Singapore production, including Pontius Pilate and Simonides.

Now they're hoping to bring it to Broadway.

It has such a phenomenal message!

Please help us increase our hit rate on YouTube...

Begin forwarded message:

From: Art & Ellen Sanborn 
Date: July 28, 2008 3:11:22 PM EDT

Dear All,
Our musical, Judah Ben-Hur is definitely on the move.  We had a preview a few days ago in Manhattan and are very encouraged. It was the first time our corporate team (Lawyer, Marketing, GM, Press, Producers, etc.) were all together in one place as well as possible investors. We will have more news soon.  For now we wanted to follow up on a suggestion from our Press consultant.  We have clips of Judah Ben-Hur  on  Youtube . 
There is the 3-minute version...
There are also two music videos (both are love songs from the show).  Those are.....
"I believe in Love" -
"I Remember You" 
By going and viewing these videos, you are helping us out a ton.  We can then show possible investors the number of hits we've had to our videos to prove that the public is interested in this.  Also, if you'd like to forward this on to everyone else you know (or think would be interested in it), that would be greatly appreciated. 
Thanks so much!

Art, Ellen & David

Rich Swingle
@ The Helen Hayes Theatre
240 W 44th St Ste 7
New York, NY 10036

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