A miraculous view!

For all ten years of our marriage Joyce and I have been on the waiting list to reside at Manhattan Plaza, which offers subsidized housing to those who make over half of their income in the performing arts. About a month ago we got a rejection letter because we make too much money. Because Joyce is in grad school and my income as an actor varies wildly but has never been impressive, Joyce was surprised when she read the letter. She called and found that they base part of our income on a percentage of our savings, but the number they calculated was actually below the limit! So they looked into it and discovered that they had assessed our income the very day that the limit was raised! if they'd made the assessment the day before we couldn't have gotten in. If they'd assessed us the next day we'd never have known how close we were. We knew eventually that Joyce would leave the workforce and that our income would plummet. We sensed that the time was right, and if we'd waited much longer we'd be back at the bottom of the list for another decade or more.

Yes, that's the Empire State Building we can see from our window. We move in soon.

August 18, 2013
We've LOVED being in this miraculous apartment. This morning, during Joyce's sermon she told the story of how God opened things up for us to get into this amazing space.

For the whole sermon click here.

Here are some shots from a lightning storm...

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