The Miraculous Surgery

On May 17 my wife, Joyce, was a part of a prayer team praying for her sister, Amy, who was going to have a brain tumor removed on May 20. The doctors had told her that part of the tumor was wrapped around nerves that control swallowing, so they were going to leave that part of the tumor and treat it with radiation. Joyce felt led to pray that the tumor would cluster so that the tumor could be completely removed. Before the operation the surgeon reconfirmed the need to follow up with radiation. I was there when the surgeon came out, and he told us that the tumor had somehow clumstered together and they were able to remove it completely. No radiation will be needed, and he won’t need to see her again for another year.

The next morning Amy’s husband, Wallie said to the surgeon, “So, I understand there’s a chance that you won’t need to do radiation?” The surgeon replied, “There’s no chance we’ll do radiation. We got it all.” Wallie pressed, “Will you have to do another MRI to make sure it’s all gone?” The surgeon said, “I was in there. There’s nothing left.”

On May 24 Amy was released. Her kids, who were quite excited to have their mom home again.

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