Never before

On Friday I blogged that I didn't think our anniversary had ever fallen on Good Friday before. Retta Blaney, who's birthday was that day, blogged evidence that Joyce and I would have to have been celebrating our 95th anniversary for that to have been the case:

We're only on our 120th monthaversary, which we'll celebrate tomorrow. So don't be surprised if we don't answer the phone or return email.

It's the blood

Our Good Friday service at Westchester Chapel was very powerful. A number of us read the scriptures of the Lord's Passion, but we started with Genesis: God covered the first man and the first woman with animal skins. Pastor Jim told how blood was also used to cover the doorposts of the homes of the Israelites so their firstborn would not be killed while the firstborn of Egypt were killed as the final plague. Someone pointed out to me years ago how the blood on the doorframes was placed in such a way to form a cross (a form of execution which wouldn't be invented for quite some time). Tonight we stepped forward and put blood red paint on the door we'd created. It was a very powerful evening.

Sandy Rodriguez is pictured here applying the blood.

Curt Cloninger, who was the first person I ever saw do a one-man play, just posted a beautiful reflection for this Holy Weekend: Three Days.

Having a poignant anniversary

Joyce an I are celebrating our 10th anniversary by performing together:

I can't remember Good Friday falling on our anniversary before. It's actually poignant to commmemorate two events of great love.

Running the Race

A new biography on Eric Liddell, subject of my play Beyond the Chariots, has recently been released. It's called Running the Race, and it's by John Keddie, who equaled Liddell's time at Edinburgh's Craiglockhart track. The race was 44 years after Liddell's first race on that track, which was literally unchanged from his day. Later, Keddie was a consultant on Chariots of Fire.

I haven't finished the book, but what I've read is superb. It's more focused on Liddell's running than previous biographies, but, as Keddie is now a minister, it certainly isn't devoid of Liddell's devotion. It contains several photos I hadn't come across in other biographies, nor in my visits with several of Liddell's family members.

Running the Race will be presented to each member of the British Olympic Team for the Beijing Games this August.

Here's a more thorough review from The Herald: Spirited life in the fast lane races off the page.

Keddie just had an article on Liddell published in the Yorkshire Post: John Keddie: A true sporting hero who lived by his faith.

Bag pipin'

Our friends Carter and Carol are gearing up for a trip to Scotland. She's presenting a paper at Edinburgh University and he'll be doing more illustrations like this one, no doubt.

Good Friday Service

We're exploring Good Friday through a number of creative expressions this year. Come and experience it.

For directions click here.

For directions from NYC via public transporation, click here.

Met exhibit

There's a fabulous exhibit of Chinese iconography at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I found it quite fascinating.

World Prayer

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Sharing the stage with Lynn Redgrave

I'll be performing an excerpt from Beyond the Chariots at Broadway Blessing on September 8.  Retta Blaney, who is organizing the event just wrote me this encouraging note:

Hi Rich -- Just wanted to let you know Lynn Redgrave will be taking part in BB too.

Retta Blaney
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