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From UK
Just returned from a phenomenal trip to the UK.

I got to perform Beyond the Chariots, Jonah from Big Fish Little Worm and "Harvey Silverstein", written by Mac Nelson, from Views of the Manger, for a church in Birmingham. In London I performed "Lazarus", written by former MasterWorks Theatre Dept head, Sean Gaffney, from Big Fish Little Worm for a Swahili service.

That came about through the daughter of Njeri, the woman who helped raise my mom in Kenya from 1948-1953. I got to meet Njeri on her third visit to the UK since 1999. I met her on her first visit as well, which was on my first trip to England. What are the chances my trips corresponded with hers without either of us knowing of the others' schedule either time? Only the One who set up both visits knows.
From UK

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