This morning Danielle Strickland, who is leading the worship main stream, put off their worship until they had consecrated themselves to God. She felt God was calling them to be the Levites in the camp, so they engraved (with pens) Holy unto the Lord on their forearms. During the worship service today Major Len Ballantine spoke on consecrating ourselves to the Lord so his goals for the week can be accomplished. As he was speaking the whole worship main stream was connecting silently to indicate they got how the Holy Spirit had prompted Danielle and Len to speak the same message today.

The Salvation Army has a tradition of a mercy seat, based on Exodus 25:22. They have a pew facing the congregation, where people can kneel in God's presence. When Len invited people to come forward to consecrate themselves many came to the mercy seat, but I had the sense that many more were consecrating themselves where they sat (or kneeled).

I have high expectations for what God is going to do here this week.

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