Eric Liddell's Bible Reading program

As I was considering what Bible reading plan to use in '08 I was reminded that Eric Liddell developed a plan in his book The Disciplines of the Christian Life:

Eric Liddell's Scripture List.

It won't get you through the whole Bible in a year, but it looks like the seedbed for some good devotions.

I'm going to pair it with The Word of Promise.

Happy New Year!

Pure Delight

Joyce and I just enjoyed The Water Horse. The film was highly touted during the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in August. It didn't disappoint as a breathtaking look at Scotland's Highlands, but it was much more than just the beautiful scenery, as one of the characters notes. It's about a young boy learning what's real, and what sort of man he is to become.

I remember a moment in time when I made a very clear decision that I would carry some of what it was to be a child into adulthood. I was sitting in a restaurant with several friends from high school. I had to leave to get back to class and I was tucked into the middle of a circular booth. My first inclination was to crawl under the table. I instantly checked myself, as I was too old for that sort of thing. Then came the moment of clarity: I knew I would grow up and be a responsible member of society, but if I lost all of what was childlike, something in me would die. I saved my own holistic life and dove under the table. It's a decision that's brought me a greater ability to write and act, and most certainly it's allowed me to have a deeper faith.

The Water Horse shows a boy at just such a juncture, but it's much more interesting than a table at Angelo's Pizza.

Cross-Pond pattern

The globes above Regent Street in London, which light up based on the noise rising from the street, are mirrored this Christmas in one of the patterns in Grand Central Station's show.

Candle-light service

Our church ( had a beautiful candle-light service for Christmas Eve. Our own Mike and Maria Hood, founders of Psalm 96 Band ( led us in some beautiful Christmas carols.

The streets of New York

This was taken just before dawn.

What a city!


> Is there not in every human soul, and was there not in the soul of
> Jean Valjean, an essential spark, an element of the divine;
> indestructable in this world and immortal in the next, which
> goodness can preserve, nourish and fan into flame, and which evil
> can never quite extinguish?
> --Victor Hugo
> on the front of the theatre across from my office, just off Times
> Square

Merry Christmas

This artwork was done by Riquelmys, who we sponsor through Compassion. He lives in the Dominican Republic and has been a blessing to us for many years.

This year has been quite full. Between Rich & Joyce we had about 240 performances or teachings in 18 states and 7 foreign nations.

Here are some of the highlights of 2007:

Hong Kong
The Philippines (some posts also in February)

June & July
MasterWorks Festival (

France (no performances)
Scotland (The Edinburgh Fringe Festival)


Stay tuned. There are some very exciting things developing for 2008.

Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Rich & Joyce

Nativity on Times Square

Last night I dropped by The Nativity on Times Square put on by Project Dance ( I've known the Cutlips who founded Project Dance for years, so Ron threw me into the choir. Before I knew it there was a buzz of flashes. I thought how cool it was that the birth of Jesus was actually getting some press at Christmas. Then I found out the guy playing Joseph was Lindsay Lohan's father.

Evidently he committed his life to the Lord while in prison for drunk driving and assault. He certainly proved his commitment by kneeling in the straw over concrete in subfreezing temps.

United Kingdom

From UK
Just returned from a phenomenal trip to the UK.

I got to perform Beyond the Chariots, Jonah from Big Fish Little Worm and "Harvey Silverstein", written by Mac Nelson, from Views of the Manger, for a church in Birmingham. In London I performed "Lazarus", written by former MasterWorks Theatre Dept head, Sean Gaffney, from Big Fish Little Worm for a Swahili service.

That came about through the daughter of Njeri, the woman who helped raise my mom in Kenya from 1948-1953. I got to meet Njeri on her third visit to the UK since 1999. I met her on her first visit as well, which was on my first trip to England. What are the chances my trips corresponded with hers without either of us knowing of the others' schedule either time? Only the One who set up both visits knows.
From UK

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