A Mountaintop Experience

In all the dozens of times I've been to Camp Taconic, I've never climbed to the top of the mountain. This morning my room mate invited me along, so here I am. This picture hardly does it justice.


Anonymous said...

Wish I had done my devotions on the mountain top instead of my van, what a view! Thanks for sharing.
The Regional Conference was a "taste of heaven".
One of the many highlights was meeting and working with you Rick.

JoyOnYa! & HUGS2U!
New England District NMI Council
Prayer & Fasting Coordinator

"The fullness of JOY is behold God in everything." ~ Julianne of Norwich

Larry said...


I first climbed this mountain as a teenager... many times since then... there is a great story about one time back in Family Camp 1970, Pastor Dave Trauffer had all the teens go up it for an evening service. There were about 100 or more of us. We sang and watched the sunset- it was glorious to say the least! That is until we all realized we had to get back down the mountain in the dark and there were few flashlights among us. It was quite an adventure! We all survived and lived to tell about it!

May you and Joyce have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!

Larry Mancini