Heart for the Nations

Eastbrook Church (http://EastbrookChurch.org) hosted my plays over the last two weekends. They have teams either on or prepping for trips to Africa, Asia, the Middle East and Mexico.

Rachels' Beetles

I got to borrow the Beetle on the left from a gal named Rachel. The Beetle on the right is owned by a gal on the drama team here named...Rachel.

Winging into Milwaukee...

...for weekend #2.

MasterWorks reunion

We used the Harrell's trip to NYC to have a MasterWorks gathering. Jessica (center, Abby in The Crucible last summer) was in town with her father (right of Jessica) to see musicals. Sarah (second from left, Elizabeth Proctor in The Crucible) and her mother (taking the picture: Thanks!) joined us, as did Bobby (center in picture below).

Jessica is rehearsing to play Kate in Taming of the Shrew. Congrats! Congratulations, Jessica!

Back at Carnegie Hall

We got to see MasterWorks (http://MasterWorksFestival.org) faculty Alan & Karin Harrell when they were in town. Alan plays cello for the Cleveland Symphony, which was performing in Carnegie Hall. Now they're off on an extensive tour of Europe.

Baby Charlotte

An encouraging report about an enacted prayer we did recently...

Begin forwarded message:

Hello Rich,

The baby Charlotte, a 6 month old that you brought before the Lord this weekend who had a rare form of bone cancer, has been diagnosed as cancer free. She had a fourth rib removed and had a spot on her kidney that the doctors were concerned about. The spot was radiation damage only and she is expected to recover completely.


Beating the clock again

The bell tower chimes of the Great Court of Trinity College, made famous in Chariots of Fire, have been beaten again in record time: Modern-day hero runs away with Chariots of Fire challenge.

Feast of Tabernacles

Our church, Westchester Chapel, is gearing up for another transformation for a dramatic event on Saturday, November 10th, at 7pm.

The Biblical Feast of Tabernacles

Join us to experience the sights and sounds of Jerusalem some 2000 years ago...authentic food, costumed servants, drama, dance, worship, and a celebration of God's abundant provision! A free event. A free-will offering will be taken.

Directions from NYC

A Mountaintop Experience

In all the dozens of times I've been to Camp Taconic, I've never climbed to the top of the mountain. This morning my room mate invited me along, so here I am. This picture hardly does it justice.

Lakeside performances

I get to perform for the next three days beside the lake, where Joyce and I took a boat ride after meeting here.

MasterWorks Festival East (Side)

Joyce and I hosted MasterWorks Festival alum from NYC. We had a screening of two alum films: David Edward Kavinaugh's 42 minute The Wrath of Black Bow (4:24 minute trailer) and Cody Mahan's The Unforgettable Battle of Epic Proportions. Both had interesting takes on screen violence.

Touchdown LGA

Those three lights in the sky are followed by a host of other planes, yet invisible to my camera.

2hrs, 7min east of PDX

Cannon Beach

We're glad the wedding was yesterday. It's been quite blustery today.

Sunset over Swingle Farms

Dad took this shot.

Our brand

Dad just found the branding iron my grandpa and great uncle used on the Black Angus we raised until my great uncle retired. The R is for Great Uncle Ralph and the C is for Grandpa Charles.

I was in junior high when the property turned from a ranch to a farm, so I have fond memories of cow pie fights. The best were dry enough to fling like a frisby and soft enough to make a good splat on impact.

Touchdown: Medford, Oregon