In the land of the Terrible Towel

On September 10 and 11 I performed Five Bells for 9/11 here.

An article in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette drew some people, including one fellow who had friends that had performed at the Edinburgh Fringe. Of the 2000 shows there I'm afraid their's wasn't one that crossed our radar screen.

Ann Van Hine, whose husband is portrayed in Five Bells spoke after the play, as she's done in the past. Every time it moves me to hear how she chose to turn to God in those devestating hours. It made a huge difference. She has total peace about it all.

In the past Ann mentioned that the play will have more significance as time goes by, and this year I really saw that. There was a six year-old scampering about that was almost born on 9/11/01 because her mother was so emotional that day she thought she was going into labor. The doctors sent her home, and the wonderful girl I met last night was born 10 days later.

Every year our nation finds more healing. I can tell because each year people laugh a little more at the jokes in the play..

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Anonymous said...

I was at the play on Tuesday, the 6th anniversary of 9/11. I couldn't even talk about it afterward because I was still "contemplating" it all. I was not as "teary-eyed" as I thought I would be, but I was deeply affected by the stories of hope. It was an amazing performance by Rich as he switched characters so quickly and did a phenomenal job. God was glorified as the stories unfolded and hope arose from the rubble. How I would love to see this again. But I feel so privileged to have been there and to have heard Ann van Hine and her testimony. It brings me to tears now as it is still so fresh in my mind, but they are tears of joy that God does not leave us in our misery, but that he provides hope in the midst of it all!! Thank you, Rich and Ann. You are truly messengers of the one true God.