Bittersweet memories

I was thrilled when I found out that my 20th high school reunion would be during the same weekend I was performing in that area. Then it dawned on me that two of the three performances would be going on at the same time as the reunion festivities. I boogied over to the venues after my performances, and many old friends were still there.

I've heard a lot of people say they don't like reunions. I love them! It's magical to see how people have grown up, raised families and collectively accomplished SO much.

I got to give a speech at my high school graduation so I did a rap, while Tyler Ryerson, Sr. Prez, backed me up with a beat box rythm:

Well we're the graduating class of Phoenix HS
Goin' out into the world to do our best
In work, in college and military.
If you come from Phoenix, say, "Don't mess with me!"

Going to the reunion was like stepping into a time capsule and seeing how dreams have been fulfilled.

I also spoke with many who have endured physical and emotional pain, and I was glad to share those memories as well.

Less than a month after graduation one of our classmates took his own life. Several of us gathered at his grave to remember him...and wish that he were still there.

I told the group that Brian and I had been out on a run one day when I sensed I was supposed to tell him how much God loved him. I held back. Who knows if it would have changed things. I've regretted that for 20 years, but I told them it's made me take more risks in life. I don't know if that made any sense to you guys, but what I meant was that I've been more likely to follow God's still small voice and less likely to pass it off as a suggestion. Then I pulled out the cornet I'd played in high school and played taps.

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