Sleepers Awake!

Patrick Kavanaugh, who founded the MasterWorks Festival with his wife, Barbara, is preaching on 2 Kings 6:8-17. He encouraged those who feel like they're the only Christian in their orchestra, theatre company or school to see that we're not alone even if we are the only Christian, because the host of heaven are backing us up.

He urged us to consider how we can maximize our lives for Christ. People ask him when he's going to retire and he says, "When I go above!" We only have this lifetime to share God's love for the world.

For a season he felt compelled to share the Gospel every day. After one very long day he was climbing into bed and it occurred to him that he hadn't shared that day. He climbed into his car and drove to a gas station, where there was biker on his hog. Dr. Kavanaugh told him the situation and asked if he could share with the man. They both had a good laugh, but the man agreed to listen. After he heard about God's great love for him the man shared that he was on the way to commit suicide. He wasn't ready to commit his life to Christ, but it seemed clear that he would have many more years to think about it.

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