A piano tuner who loves Jesus

Franz Mohr spoke this morning in our worship service. He was the piano tuner for great pianists like Horowitz, Cliburn and Rubinstein.

He was 16 when his village was completely wiped out by American B-17s. He put his hand over his mother's mouth to keep her from praying. He told her there was no God.

Years later he was in a Bible study to argue, but the leader was filled with so much love Mohr didn't know how to counter it with hate. The leader gave him a Bible and wrote his address inside, telling Mohr that one day he would write to say that he'd given his life to the Lord.

The Bible sat on his shelf for many years, but one day he opened it and started reading from page one.

By the time he read through Matthew he was ready to give his life to the Lord, but he didn't know how to pray, because all the prayers of his youth were written, and none of them fit. He remembered the thief on the cross and called out to Jesus: "Remember me!" He said, "The Lord changed my heart from a heart of hate to a heart of love."

If you've never asked the Lord to do that for you, click "My Passion" in the right column.

To find out more about Mohr's story, order his book, "My Life with the Great Pianists."

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