Nothing Short of Amazing

Last year the MasterWorks theatre program was blessed to have John Kirby as one of our master class instructors. He has 30 years of experience in Hollywood running his own acting studio and working on 17 feature films including Narnia, Deja Vu and The Count of Monte Cristo. He's launched the careers of Cameron Diaz, Jim Caviezel and many others. For all this and much more, he's considered one of the best acting coaches in Hollywood. Despite his weighty credentials, John made every effort to encourage students in and out of his master classes. His great wisdom is delivered with great care. I was thrilled to see that he enjoyed his time with us so much that he flew himself and his assistant Nathan Nesbitt back from LA to see our final performance of A Midsummer Night's Dream. I figured if he saw our vision that clearly he might be open to returning, as indeed he will be. Patricia Mauceri of One Life to Live, will put her Julliard training to work directing us in Arthur Miller's The Crucible. When I was a college student our school's production of the play impacted me so strongly that I wrote a play directly influenced by Miller's brilliant work. The themes of justice, morality and guilt are quite powerfully penned, and it's my prayer that many will come away inspired as I was at my first encounter with it. Ken Wales is returning to teach some master classes. He was the producer of Christy and a dozen films. Most recently he produced Amazing Grace, the powerful story of how William Wilberforce spearheaded the abolition of the British slave trade. Ken will teach a couple of master classes and is looking forward to spending time with individuals talking about their dreams. It's no wonder he enjoys giving back: Walt Disney himself did the favor for him when he was a budding artist. Our annual improv night is about to kick it up a notch. We're bringing in Mark Oppenlander, who was the team captain of the improv troupe for Taproot Theatre, the professional Christian theatre company in Seattle, which has sent us a number of great artists in the past. Mark is going to spend several sessions getting us up to speed and will take part in the final performance himself. Susan Somerville Brown, who performed on Broadway in CATS will lend her buoyant spirit to the faculty once again. I so wish I could have attended something like this when I was a young actor! The deadline is extended to May 20. Apply now, and/or forward this to someone who might be interested. Go to for an application and more info.

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