To my friends in the UK and Canada

I'd like to encourage you to see Amazing Grace, opening in theatres this weekend. The film has been open in the US for a month now and it made the top 10 on two weekends: not bad considering the competition. Even now, it's hanging out at #11.

I loved the film and wrote a review: "Can one film change the world?"

I've been doing a one-man play about another hero of the UK: Eric Liddell. The play, Beyond the Chariots, tells the rest of the Chariots Of Fire story.

Ken Wales is the producer who started the ball rolling on Amazing Grace. He wants to make a film on the rest of the Chariots Of Fire story. He mentions the upcoming film, With Wings as Eagles in an interview with Christianity Today: Save the Wales.

I encourage you to see Amazing Grace this weekend. The better it does opening weekend the more chance it will open in more theatres next weekend, etc. The better it does at the box office the more momentum there will be going into the production of With Wings as Eagles.

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