To my friends in the UK and Canada

I'd like to encourage you to see Amazing Grace, opening in theatres this weekend. The film has been open in the US for a month now and it made the top 10 on two weekends: not bad considering the competition. Even now, it's hanging out at #11.

I loved the film and wrote a review: "Can one film change the world?"

I've been doing a one-man play about another hero of the UK: Eric Liddell. The play, Beyond the Chariots, tells the rest of the Chariots Of Fire story.

Ken Wales is the producer who started the ball rolling on Amazing Grace. He wants to make a film on the rest of the Chariots Of Fire story. He mentions the upcoming film, With Wings as Eagles in an interview with Christianity Today: Save the Wales.

I encourage you to see Amazing Grace this weekend. The better it does opening weekend the more chance it will open in more theatres next weekend, etc. The better it does at the box office the more momentum there will be going into the production of With Wings as Eagles.

68 degrees

...That's what my Treo told me the temperature was yesterday. It also said in bold red, "Winter storm warning." Yep.

By the way, the picture is taken in the middle of NYC, in Central Park.

Carrying the broken heart of God

Mark Yaconelli is encouraging us to minister from our weaknesses. He pointed out how much we were ministered to by the children in the sites today. We showed up to minister to them, but they sang and danced for us, they hugged us and kissed us and loved us.

Mark spoke to a woman who has brought many into her church by bringing food to people in need. He asked her what that was like, and she said, "It's like carrying the broken heart of God."

On site

We're at the Compassion site Lluvias de Gracias (Rains of Grace) at Linda Vista (Pretty View). This is one of 125 Compassion sites in Guatemala. At this site about 350 children are served.

I can't repay you

Danny Oertli gave gifts to a sponsored child. They spent $15 at Target: not much in the US, but the girl wept to receive it. She whispered to the translator who struggled to put it into English: "I can't repay you, but God will."

Slides on Philippines and Guatemala

Tonight I'll be giving a slide show from recent trips to the Philippines and Guatemala at our church.  At 6:30 we'll have free Filipino food, made by Filipinos from our church.  I loved the food there, so I'm sure you'll enjoy it.  The slide show will begin at 7:15.

For directions go the, or if you're coming up from NYC, click here.

That's spelled N-O.

World Magazine tells how 14 year old Elliot Huck is standing up against E. Mayer Malone Jr., publisher of Bloomington, Indiana's Herald-Times, who insists on holding the town's spelling bee on a Sunday. Huck has made the finals the last two years, but is setting aside hopes of success in order to keep the Sabbath holy. Eric Liddell would have been proud.

The first part of the artice can be read by clicking: No spelling on Sunday.

Early One Morning

I've seen Early One Morning at least three times.  It's poignant and powerful.

   Early One Morning, words and music by Jersey Boys' Music Director Ron Melrose, will be presented March 23 and 24 at the Salvation Army's Theatre 315 as part of its "Set Apart" series. The one-woman musical produced by Lauren Yarger follows the faith journey of Mary Magdalene.

   Curtain each night is at 8:00. Tickets priced at $18 (discounts available for students) are available through SmartTix Cindy Marchionda* will play Mary Magdalene. Jeff Lisenby will accompany.

   This is a great opportunity to reach out and invite friends, family and co-workers to experience first-hand how a life can be changed by the love and forgiveness of Jesus.

   Theatre 315 is located at the Salvation Army Times Square, 315 West 47th Street.

   For more information, email or call Theatre 315 at 212-975-9988.


Though it dropped out of the Top Ten charts, Amazing Grace only missed it by one place. It's still ahead of 90 films in theatres right now, so it's quite possible for it to climb back into the pull-down menus this coming weekend.

The view that launched a career

Well maybe it didn't launch my career, but this view atop the Sears Tower certainly started the travel bug in me. I haven't been up here since third grade, but the view is still quite impressive. Back then it had a profound impact. There were many things the Lord used to prepare me to do a lot of travelling, but this view was the first. Since that excursion away from our farm in Oregon I've been to most major cities in 49 US states (I would have crossed the river into North Dakota, but I thought I'd already been there!) and 23 other nations. Thank you Lord, for this view!