On top of the world

We just left Canada behind, and we're enroute to Beijing.
Okay, now we're directly over the North Pole, but the picture isn't as interesting: It's 5:45 in the afternoon in NYC, 6:45 in the morning in Beijing, and I don't know what time that makes it on the North Pole, but it's dark. No, wait! I see a light. I think it's... Could it be? Yes! I think it's Parka Pete!

That's a character I've done at various kids camps. Pete intends to beam himself to the North Pole but winds up at camp ... dressed for the tundra.

In all seriousness. Joyce and I did take a moment of Hope for the globe from up here. Click "Pray for the World" in the right column to pray for the whole world from wherever you are.

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