Amazing Grace opens February 23

In my play A Clear Leading I tell the story of Quaker abolitionist John Woolman. When I performed the play at Pocklington School, just outside York, England, instructors there told me that William Wilberforce wrote his first anti-slavery essay the year that Woolman visited York.

Wilberforce went on to lead the drive to abolish the slave trade, and that story is told throught the upcoming film, Amazing Grace.

It opens February 23, and I encourage you to see it opening night to cast your vote for more movies like it.

Visit the website, There is a two-minute trailer, several resources and a Group Sales connection.

I told the youth in Colorado Springs two nights ago that there are 28 million slaves in the world today. I was glad to see from the website's link to the Amazing Change Campaign that the number has gone down by one million since I heard the statistic several years ago. We're moving in the right direction. Click here to be a part of the amazing change.
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