9th Grade Abolitionist

A young man recently left the following post on our blog. I wanted to be sure more people saw it, so I'm posting it here:

Zach has left a comment on your post "Amazing Grace opens February 23":

Hi, I'm a 9th grader who is an abolitionist. I'm grateful you're helping educate my generation about God's heart for the oppressed and how we can take our place in history. This is something I care about a lot and speak to students around the nation about. I'm also the student spokesperson for The Amazing Change. One of the things we're trying to do is to get 390,000 signatures on a petition to abolish slavery. Wilberforce was able to do this 200 years ago without technology. I'd appreciate your help. People can sign a hard copy and mail it in (and gather signatures of friends) or they can sign online at www.TheAmazingChange.com.

Freedom. IS 1:17 Zach.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks to young Zach and to you for posting this--I am so excited to see this film and will get the word out here at Grace! Blessings on you, my friends!