911 memorial

Ann Van Hine, the widow of Bruce Van Hine, the firefighter featured in my play Five Bells for 9/11 gave me permission to post the following:

Dear family, friends and fellow believers,
    My apologizes for requesting again that you sign another petition but...  The save the 911 memorial group is trying to get the "powers that be" to do the right.  Currently the first responders will be listed together by their firehouse -- which is one battle that has been won. However, it will not state if someone was a FF. or LT. or Chief or Chaplain.  Also the families of the civilians want their love ones listed with their fellow employees.  All of cantor fitzgerald's employees need to be listed together so history can remember that one company lost over 600 people.  The website explains the current plan and what the families would like to see.
    I believe that the listing of the names will either teach the truth of that day or in will blur it. If you have a moment please read the information on the website.  www.savethe911memorial.com
Thank you.
Ann Van Hine

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