The first leg

It's time to board, but there's no sign of our plane.

The same gal that announced that both of my last flights were cancelled, Kathy, took the microphone, and we all held our breath. The plane is on the ground, but there's a plane that's de-icing, and our plane can't get around it because of a snow bank.

Ah, the passengers are piling off.

On board!

This flight to Denver will last an hour and 37 minutes. My connection leaves in two hours. It's possible, but they're going to close the runway to plow the snow and ice in twenty minutes. The flight attendant told us not to mistake our oxygen masks for party hats. I doubt I would do that if I needed it, but the joke might have been funny if we were in motion.

Ah: Motion.

Our 20 minutes are up, but we're still moving.

Airborne!!! The captain announced that the snowplows were running behind, so they let us sneak onto the runway. My plane to Portland takes off hour and 37 minutes.

We chased the sunset most of the way to Denver.

They just announced that my connection will leave on time. I'll need to teleport to make it.

Another announcement: the connecting airplane is correcting mechanical difficulties. The captain said to make a dash for it.

We're passing our gate. They're still loading baggage into our plane to Portland!

Well, I would have made Eric Liddell proud, but they closed the door.

Sprinting with a backpack at a mile high is making me cough like crazy while the attendant is rerouting me.


Lodging secured! I get a bonus visit with Joyce's folks.

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