Pro Footballer gets men ready

I had the priviledge of performing Beyond the Chariots to open for Lee Rouson, a retired running back for the Cleveland Browns. Before that he played for the NY Giants in two SuperBowls.

Wayne Keller, on the left, directed the camp. He and Lee both shared in very transparent ways how God has worked in their lives. The alters were filled last night.

Here are a few nuggets from his talks:

*Every year pro football players go to training camp and go over the basics. We need to go back to the basics of Christianity on a regular basis.

*He gave a profound parable: He said, what if we went down to the closest car dealership and paid cash for a car, but the dealer said the car wasn't ready. Every time we came back the car wasn't ready. Lee said we'd eventually complain, "We paid in full, why are you holding onto the car." He pointed out, "Jesus paid for your sin, why are you still holding onto it."

*FEAR: false evidence appears real

*What we deposit into our hearts pays dividends, for good or bad. No one can make a deposit but you.

*He gave another parable: Someone told him that when he dies he'll walk into a room filled with presents with his name on them that were never opened. God has presents for us every day, but we'll miss them if we're too caught up in the past and worried about the future.

*Joy is not the absence of pain but the presence of God.

*Adam joined the rebellion that started in Heaven.

*Matthew 11:1-6: Lee pointed out that John the Baptist sent his disciples to check out Jesus, but John already knew Jesus was who He claimed to be. In prison he was depositing doubt in his heart.

*We have the opportunity to speak with our lives that God is good.

Pray for Lee as he plants a church in Harlem.

Guys from Men's Retreat who are visiting this site: I hope you'll post your notes and links to any photos you post. Click on the word "Comments" below.

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Anonymous said...

Rich, The men's retreat over the weekend was awesome.Lee Rouson realy drove home the importance of seeing that we must go through a painful cleansing process when we surrender to Jesus. We must keep the faith and not question when our live's seem painful. God is in control and knows what is best for us for His Glory. The men's weekend had great fellowship, food facilities and activities. It was racially and ethnically diverse which is how God wants it. Rich, you did an excellent job and it was nice meeting you. I went hiking at Stissing Mountain and climbed the 90 ft fire tower.What a view. Praise God