A new vision of Heaven

Last Saturday night our church (WestchesterChapel.org) dedicated our new sanctuary to the Lord. Among other things, we brought in the Ark of the Covenant. There's a video online at our church's District website. Our pastor, Jim Warren, used to be creative director at MTV before he was called to minister. He and some of the guys in our church recreated the Ark from biblical descriptions.

I had the priviledge of portraying King David dancing before it as Levites carried it in. When I saw it enter the sanctuary I lost it. I wept tears of pure joy.

I wasn't the only one crying. One woman was sobbing so much that Pastor Jim went to comfort her. She said she was so overcome because she used to come here to get drunk when it was a pool hall. Now she's celebrating her Salvation.

Before our celebration our Spanish church was organized (recognized by our District). They were invited to stay for our celebration so we sang our songs in English, Spanish and (for good measure) Hebrew.

I used to think that in heaven we'd all speak the same language. After our dedication service, I have a new theory: Maybe we'll all be able to communicate in every language.

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