Enacted Prayer request being answered!

At Territorial we did an enacted prayer for Art Dean, grandfather to four of our students. He has been a powerful force in the Salvation Army, so our many hearts were joined by the enactment. It was the night before his first round of chemotherapy. One student played cancer, which clutched at his body. Another played the chemotherapy. The student playing God threw off the cancer and then used the chemo to clean up the last bits. The student playing Art has long been praying for his own father, who has brain cancer.

I just received the following note from Major Len Ballantine, the director of Territorial:

Okay, are you sitting down? Art just called me himself ... to share the news that the cancer cells in his blood have receded to the point that he is going to go home tomorrow! He says he's so elated he just had to call and thank us for the prayers that went up last week. Amen and amen.
Do we serve a God of miracles, or what?!


Rich Swingle said...

One of Art's grandkids told me he was marching up and down the halls of the hospital!

Irene said...

Hey uncle Rich!

My Pastor too (Melbourne) was literally delivered from his death bed overnight!


Ain't God good? :)

Anonymous said...

Art Dean is officially home from the hospital.
Everybody is shocked! The doctor's cannot believe it. God is so much bigger then doctors.
Thank you to everybody, I know the faculty prayed for him in their devotions, and that means so much to him and our family. I was talking to my grandma on the phone this morning, and she was tearing out of pure joy. We serve a mighty God.
-Cameron Rawlins
(one of Art's grandkids)

Rich Swingle said...

What a fabulous report!

Rich Swingle said...

Praying for many more years of Kingdom service!