Bring your gift

That's what the invitation to MasterWorks alumna Sarah Keyes' Birthday Dessert Salon said, but Sarah insisted that we share our artistic gifts in lieu of anything purchased.

There were some great artistic offerings, and Sarah, pictured here, danced before the Lord to segue into worship. Finally we had some powerful enacted prayer. In one we prayed for students persuaded by professors to doubt. Sarah played a student reading Niesche and Joyce played doubt. Patricia Mauceri, another MasterWorks instructor, played God. She pushed doubt to the side and indicated that doubt was crushed. As the Holy Spirit I breathed words of life into her ear. Bobby, another MasterWorks alum played Jesus and as the Trinity we danced around the student. Eventually, as the Holy Spirit I gave the student a hug.

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Irene said...

wish i was there...
i miss MWF alumnis sooo, sooo much!